your pastor, your father

It is not out of line for Lutherans to call their pastors “Father.”

Now before you go all “But that’s Roman Catholic” and “I need a dark corner to rock back and forth in!” and “*faint*” please take a deep breath.

{Unless you’re sitting near a cow pasture and the wind is blowing your way. Then maybe don’t. Not that I would know anything about that.} Continue reading

four tips for finding a church while on vacation – because you were still planning on going, right?

It’s “summertimmmmme and the living is easssssy. Fish are jumping, and the cotton is highhhhh.”

Ok, I’ll let Ella finish it out.

Point is: It’s summertime, and you’re about to take a vacation. Lest you think that just because you’re not at home on Sunday means you get to check out from the life of the Church, please go straight to jail.

Do not pass Go.

And definitely, definitely do not collect $200.

We spend a lot of time planning our trips: where to gorge on funnel cakes, what the best pirate-themed mini golf course is, how far the rental car agency is from the airport, when we have to get up in the morning and how late we can stay up at night.

This year, can you promise me you’ll spend as much time planning where you’ll go to church if you’re gone on a Sunday?


Do it for me.

And for your pastor.

But really for you. After all, Jesus is there to forgive your sins. You probably don’t want to miss that.  Continue reading